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TiungSat Status

Last evening the gravity gradient boom on TiungSat was deployed over
Malaysia.  The satellite is now operating in the standard UoSAT BBQ mode
with a Z spin of 0.6 degrees per second.  The delibration controller is
damping the libration angles and the full attitude control task will be
loaded in a few days.

All systems have now been tested and the spacecraft is 100% healthy.  There
are a few more tasks to complete before the spacecraft will be opened to
amateur traffic which is expected to be around the end of this month.

When the satellite is opened for use, this will (probably) initially be at a
downlink rate of 9600bd.  However, this will probably only run for a few
weeks before we use 38k4.  Due to power constraints when operating the high
power transmitter, the same system as used on UO-36 will be employed to only
switch the transmitter on when requested from an amateur station.  Note that
the orbit is similar to Uo-36 and as such sees the same periodic power
fluctuations.  I don't expect that this will cause the same sort of
'unavailability' as on UO-36 though since the basic power budget for
TiungSat is less.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO
Groundstation Manager
(Commissioning manager - TiungSat)

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