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PB program help.

This is the batch file that is locking up my computer and I cannot see 

REM dofile.bat
REM This batch file will run under MS-DOS.
REM It first identifies the compression type and stores that in an
REM environment variable C.
REM It then checks the file type and processes different file types
REM appropriately.
REM You must have a directory \msgs off of your main
REM PACSAT operating directory. It puts ASCII readable text into
REM files called nnnn.msg, where nnnn is replaced by the message 
REM number. 
pfh_val %1.dl 25 >nul
if errorlevel 4 goto uct
if errorlevel 3 goto lha
if errorlevel 2 goto zip
if errorlevel 1 goto arc
goto nocomp

REM Compression type is ARC
ECHO Compressed by PKARC
goto proc

REM Compression type is ZIP
ECHO Compressed by PKZIP
goto proc

REM Compression type is LHARC
ECHO Compressed by LHZ
goto proc

REM Compression type is unknown
ECHO Compressed by an unknown technique.
goto proc

REM No compression type field in the file
ECHO Message is not compressed.
goto proc

pfh_val %1.dl 8 >nul

if errorlevel 3 goto ubt
if errorlevel 2 goto bbs
if errorlevel 1 goto bbs1
goto text

REM Unknown body type.
ECHO Unknown message body type.
goto done

REM Multiple BBS messages
ECHO Message body contains multiple BBS messages
goto done

REM Single BBS message
ECHO Message body is a BBS message
goto done

ECHO Message body is plain text. Processing.
if "%C%"=="ZIP" goto txtzip
if "%C%"=="ARC" goto txtarc
if "%C%"=="LHA" goto txtlha
if "%C%"=="UCT" goto txtuct
if "%C%"=="NO" goto txtno
goto err

REM Uncompressed ASCII text message.
phs %1.dl /s /o msgs\%1.msg /t /x
goto done

REM Zipped ASCII text message.
REM Gets the .zip file from the PACSAT message
phs %1.dl /s /o %1.zip /x
REM Unzipps it to the screen, but redirects the screen to a .msg file.
pkunzip /c %1.zip >msgs\%1.msg
REM Deletes the .zip file
del %1.zip
goto done

REM Arc'ed ASCII text message.
goto done

REM Lharced ASCII text message.
REM LHArced ASCII text message.
REM Gets the .lhz file from the PACSAT message
phs %1.dl /s /o %1.lzh /x
REM decompress it to the screen, but redirect to a .msg file.
lha p %1.lzh >msgs\%1.msg
REM Deletes the .lzh file
del %1.lzh

goto done

REM Text message with unknown compression type.
ECHO Unknown compression type on text file
goto done

if "%C%"=="ZIP" goto bbszip
if "%C%"=="ARC" goto bbsarc
if "%C%"=="LHA" goto bbslha
if "%C%"=="UCT" goto bbsuct
if "%C%"=="NO" goto bbsno
goto err

goto done

goto done

goto done

goto done

goto done

if "%C%"=="ZIP" goto bbs1zip
if "%C%"=="ARC" goto bbs1arc
if "%C%"=="LHA" goto bbs1lha
if "%C%"=="UCT" goto bbs1ct
if "%C%"=="NO" goto bbs1no
goto err

phs %1.dl /s /o msgs\%1.msg /h /x  *** this is line 158 ***
goto done

goto done

goto done

goto done

goto done

REM error
ECHO There was an error!
xcopy %1.dlx dlxfiles >nul       **** this is line 177  *****
if errorlevel 1 goto end
del %1.dlx
set c=

the program DOFILE.bat ran and it stopped and locked up the laptop
the line it stopped at was line number  158      
and the screen showed this:-
C:\DIGISAT\UO-22>phs 7280c.dl /s /o msgs\7280c.msg /t /x
Bad command or file name

C:\DIGISAT\UO-22>goto done

C:\DIGISAT\UO-22>xcopy 7280c.dlx dlxfiles >nul

the above is where the screen stopped and locked up (line 177)

I cannot undrstand ths batch file's operation, could someone explain,
I am interested where it locks up, it is stalling my decoding of uo-22 and
I guess the others I have downloaded

thanks for any help


73 Peter VE7AHX.

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