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RE: P3D information

> I'm not picking on a particular person here (which is why 
> I've quoted no
> one's text), but to call me elite because I have the room to 
> put up a mode B
> antenna is damn insulting to me!  First of all, it isn't that 
> big of an
> antenna.  It's less than half the size of my HF beam.  Yes, I 
> lived in an
> apartment once too.  But you know, I worked my ass off, saved 
> money and

I do have to make a point here.  You're assuming everyone's in a position to
buy a house, or doesn't have any other overriding concerns.  Just putting in
a bit of a reality check, to balance the books. :-)

I _could_ buy a house somewhere in the sticks, but that would involve
commuting times beyond what I would consider healthy or cost effective for
me.  Buying in town isn't as likely, due to the housing boom of recent years
(I suppose I could move interstate though... :) ).

> Frankly, I admire the guys like Tony Langdon who, despite his living
> circumstances, makes the best of what he can do to work the 
> birds.  This guy
> is creative and I've not once heard him complain about not 
> being able to
> work a particular mode.  He goes out and figures a way to do it.

Well, I try. :-)  Guess that's half the fun...

> So I could be using mode U/V (B) and you could be using L/S 
> or higher and we
> could talk all the same to each other.  Someone said that 

IMHO, P3D should be configured to work multiple modes together, where
possible.  Sure, it will take more skill to keep things like Doppler (when
using analog especially!) under control, but it's a bridge between the
different groups of operators, much like the 10m repeaters with a VHF or UHF
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