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Re: P3D information

Hi Dennis

I am not sure that your microwave expectation is really accurate.   The
10% figure is ok in the past but what to expect my be a bit short

The following  have been confirmed on mode "S" in the by this station.

ZL,HK6 , G, VE7, VE4, VE1, VP9, KP4, PY, ZP, PJ, JA, OH, SM, 
DL, EA, I, OK, HB, ZK.

It really is not a large jump from mode B / J to Mode S  .    We maybe
happily surprised by where we find a Mode " S " station pop up.   I know
I will.   Digital amateur voice is another subject however.     Last
count was about 190 countries confirmed.

73   Joe  K0VTY
Amsat # 0860
On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 07:07:57 -0500 "Dennis Dease" <n4nr@vulcan.com>
>> Microwave and digital modes will ENABLE the third world hams to get 
>on a
>> high altitude satellite for the first time. How many third world
>> countries are active on Mode B anyway?
>Anyone who has worked >100 countries via satellite on VHF, UHF and 
>bands knows that <10% of DX operations were active on microwave 
>bands during the 90's... Microwave equipment was simply not available 
>these smaller, remote, and/or less wealthy operators.  Howeve they 
>often cobble together a working mode B or mode J station from 
>equipment.  I doubt the situation will be much different next year...
>Dennis - N4NR
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