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Re: digitial/non-digital debate

Hi Randy

Thanks for the response.

I don't know how many pile-ups on P3D we should expect.    Well have to
wait and see.     History so far indicates DX is an important part of
amateur hobby.

On the Lelia system do you think a full up Oscar station of AO-13 days
were to be able to hear it's downlink through P3D that the power in the
up link could be maximized so that the down link would also be maximized
by detecting when Lelia started to cut off ??      Do you think that
would allow all operators to try to build stations that can have a
maximum lelia downlink??    Do you think it would be possible to program
up link power as we do doppler frequency shift to maintain the maximum
uplink power to the bird??

I suggest Lelia may work or it may be less than the designers had hoped
for.    Lelia is another one of those systems we will all have to wait
and find out the end results.    

I for one have no idea how digital voice will work on the satellite  .  
Hopefully some few will find out how that works also.   

73's  Joe  K0VTY
On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 09:51:21 -0600 Randolph Kohlwey
<kohlwey@xmission.com> writes:
>>on 10/11/00 12:39 AM, Joseph V Murray at k0vty@juno.com wrote:
>> > Given we have the digital system envisioned .     How will it work 
>in a
>> > DXposition pile up of many many stations compared to the current 
>> > systems?     The pileup in question are the ones that were readily 
>> > on AO-13 in it's hay-day.
>I bet DX pile ups in analog mode on P3D will not be like they were on 
>You are going to have some stations with their AO-13
>antennas and RF power amps pumping too much power into the P3D.  I 
>to hear LEILA activated a lot when DX pile ups start.
>Maybe they will work better in digital voice if automatic power 
>control is 
>part of
>the ground hardware!
>Or if all you are after is a valid QSO for DXCC or VUCC maybe an 
>digital exchange will let more people get in faster and there will not 
>be any
>pile ups.
>Randy N7SFI
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