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Re: P3D information

Dennis Dease <n4nr@vulcan.com> wrote:

>Anyone who has worked >100 countries via satellite on VHF,
>UHF and Microwave bands knows that <10% of DX operations
>were active on microwave satellite bands during the 90's...
>Microwave equipment was simply not available to these
>smaller, remote, and/or less wealthy operators. However
>they could often cobble together a working mode B or mode
>J station from available equipment...

I'm afraid I don't follow your reasoning. In the early part of
the 90s, AO-13 Mode S was a limited mode that could not support
large numbers of users, while Mode L was sufficiently flawed
to make it difficult to use - by *anybody*. After AO-13 went
down, there were no microwave satellites. Ground station
availability has nothing to do with it - if there's nobody
to talk to, why bother with equipment?

>I doubt the situation will be much different next year...

On what do you base this conclusion?

The situation will be very different next year. There has been
all kinds of development in the meantime, and there will be
a new satellite that will support large numbers of users on
convenient, accessible frequencies.

The old chestnut about third world operators makes no sense.
When I see pictures in the magazines of these stations they
always seem to have exactly the same rice boxes as everybody
else. Ham radio is a rich person's hobby in all but a tiny
handful of countries, and if you can't ante up, you can't play.

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