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Re: P3D information

On 10/11/00 8:07 AM Dennis Dease (n4nr@vulcan.com) wrote:

>> Microwave and digital modes will ENABLE the third world hams to get on a
>> high altitude satellite for the first time. How many third world
>> countries are active on Mode B anyway?
>Anyone who has worked >100 countries via satellite on VHF, UHF and Microwave
>bands knows that <10% of DX operations were active on microwave satellite
>bands during the 90's... Microwave equipment was simply not available to
>these smaller, remote, and/or less wealthy operators.  Howeve they could
>often cobble together a working mode B or mode J station from available
>equipment.  I doubt the situation will be much different next year...
The sad thing is this thinking is probably what will drive the mode 
planning. Forget about advancing the state of the art, encouraging 
operator knowledge and experimentation in microwaves, or satellite 
operating efficiency. The satellite's controllers will likely put it into 
mode B most of the time to give the DXers the chance to put more pieces 
of paper on their wall. Makes me proud to be a ham!

For the record, I had 87 countries confirmed on AO-13. I don't think DX 
is bad, only that it shouldn't be the most important thing in amateur 
satellites, or ham radio in general. 

Steve K4HG

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