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No track, Notune OMNI Igates

We can MONITOR many of our satellites at ANYtime form ANYwhere here on the
internet, AO27, UO14, UO11, PACSATS*, OPAL, SO35, SEDSAT  voice, or
digital. Everything exists and is proven capable of this....  All we need
is to get around-to-it....  First digital:

TELNET to to see the stream of packets being monitored
WORLDWIDE from as many as 70 or more full time internet linked IGates.
(Anyone with a PC and a radio can be an IGate).  To see where all these
IGates are, Live, go to www.aprs.net and pick the WORLD map and look for
the yellow TCPIP stations.

Now all we need to see satellites at any time from anywhere is for a few
of these 70 stations or anyone else to connect a spare radio and TNC to
their serial port and tune it to their favorite satellite downlink.
Hook it to an OMNI 20" whip antenna and thats IT!  DONE!

In the past, no one was satisfied with OMNI whip PACSAT reception because
it only captures the central 1/4 of all pass opportunities, but that is
because they are operating "alone".  If these OMNI stations simply SHARE
their output with each other via a port like then they all
get to see every packet that ANY of them hears.  THus they get EVERYTHING,
including beyond their own horizon!  And everyone on the planet can
monitor it at that same TELNET port.  Thanks to K4HG for this!

VOICE:  SImilarly for the single channel VOICE satellites. There are many
free voice-over-internet conference capabilities (IPHONE, IVISIT,
FIRETALK, SPEAKFREELY, etc...) that can pool together multiple feeds of
AUDIO from anywhere on the planet from anyone with a radio and a sound
card.  ANYONE then, anywhere, can then listen on the INTERNET to the
downlink from anywhere.  Due to delays, a DUPE filter or traffic-cop
software will be needed to feed only the best sounding audio at any given

YES, TO WORK the satellites you still need to be a HAM with a radio.  But
by linking together multiple satellite receive sites, we can distribute
the downlink of these satellites to everyone that is interested outside of
the current footprint to leverage all kinds of neat applications.

Then our satellites become MUCH MORE useful to people in remote areas that
need to transmnit back to civilization from a remote location..  To see
the omni-notrack-no-tune concept, see the bottom 1/3rd of::

See http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/astars.html

de WB4APR, Bob

* FOR the PACSATS or any satelite with a 100% dutycycle 9600 baud or
greater downlink, it is best to have a front end filter to only pass the
UI or BEACON packets to the internet and not all the bulk data which is
already protected by the PACSAT protocol.  This prevents OVERLOAD on the
part of the APRServe dupe-checker which must monitor the streams from all
multiple sites simultaneously so that only one copy is actually

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