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P3D info, can do Multi Modes, at the same time


There is no reason for this flare up about which mode P3D should be in. 
The switching matrix allows for multiple modes, at the same time. 
Any receiver can be coupled to any transmitter. The whole "mode" definition
will mean very little soon.

I have antenna covenants here in my neighborhood to contend with. But if
there are TV antennas up, my two Arrow antennas are going up as well. I
understand the spirit of the law, and am doing my best to make the antennas
as low profile as possible. I would like to put up a 2 foot dish to work
P3D on 2GHz or perhaps 5GHz. It will look no different than all the DSS
dishes sprouting up around the neighborhood.... just pointed the wrong
direction.... and moving all the time..... :-)

Christopher Cox

BTW, hey Vince, was that a microphone in your hand on Field Day? 
Sorry, I could not resist. :-)

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