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SCS PTC-IIe work with WISP software?

Hi all, I'm sorting through my options on setting up a combination
satellite and HF portable digital station.

Most likely I going to add the 9600 baud modem kit to my MFJ 1278B;
however, my understanding is the SCS PTC-IIe controller comes with a 9600
baud modem.  I have been kicking around the idea of getting the SCS PTC-IIe
for it's HF Pactor II support, it's compact size and if it would work with
the digital satellites it could make a do it all in one box system.

Anybody used the SCS PTC-IIe on the digital satellites?

Can the SCS PTC-IIe work with WISP software?

I'm trying to decide if I should save the $115 or so cost of up grading my
MFJ 1278B and apply it to the SCS PTC-IIe.

Thanks for any help, 

Dale Coleman
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