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Re: digitial/non-digital debate

Hello Joseph!

11 Oct 00 01:39, you wrote to All:

 JM> Before we give Russ another something on his plate relative to a valid
 JM> future task.   I'd like the participants to answer one question to
 JM> which a bunch of folks will like an answer .     Question : Given we
 JM> have the digital system envisioned .     How will it work in
 JM> a DXposition pile up of many many stations compared to the current SSB
 JM> systems?     The pileup in question are the ones that were readily
 JM> found on AO-13 in it's hay-day. I am only trying to receive a
 JM> comparison with something I an many operators  know about.

Now, this is an interesting question!  The correct answer is "We don't know",
as this technology has never been tried.  However, it is likely that a pileup
will cause all sorts of problems (like no one getting through).  That's my
educated guess.  However, it all depends on the implementation of the digital
system, so anything's possible.

This could be one area where analog will retain an advantage.  But, as they
say, there's only one way to find out, build some digital gear and see what
happens. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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