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Re: Element material for 2.4G Loop Yagi

hmeyer wrote:
> I wish to build a Loop Yagi for 2.4G to a design which originated in
> the UK.  At one time there was a source of pre-cut and drilled
> elements for this design, however I have been unable to locate this.
> Could someone please tell me where I can locate a source?
> Thanks.
> Hilton Meyer  ZL2MN

Well, I'm aware of one source on the other side of the planet from
you that could help, though it may not be the exact same design that
you are thinking about:

Directive Systems  
177  Dixon Road  
Lebanon, Maine 04027  
web site:  http://www.directivesystems.com
By E-Mail: k1whs@worldpath.net 
By Phone: 1-207-658-7758 
By Fax:   1-207-658-4337  
>From their home page, I quote:
  Amateur "home-brewers" please note:  
  Directive Systems is able and willing to provide repair parts and
  materials for all of our products. We can supply parts for antenna
  projects too! Consult the factory for details and prices.

Standard Disclaimer:  no affiliation, monetary or otherwise, just
a satisfied customer, etc., etc.  I bought one of their loop yagi
kits for 1296 MHz terrestrial work and liked it so well that I
bought others for 902 MHz terrestrial, 1269 satellite, and 2401
satellite.  Don't know if my new satellite antennas will "fly" before
P3D does, but there's hope -- no snow yet in my part of Minnesota,
so maybe I can gather a work party together and start hoisting
aluminum into the sky before the flakes fall.  Of course, I expect no
sympathy from the half of the planet where summer is the next season
to arrive instead of winter!   ;-)

73 de KBØZEV

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