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RE: P3D information

> I have lived in apartments all of my adult life, with no 
> possibility of
> building a Mode B antenna installation. When P3D is 
> operational, I will
> FINALLY be able to work a high altitude satellite with a little S-band
> helix on a camera tripod on my balcony. I am sure that there are a lot
> of others in the same position. It is all well and good for 
> the existing
> satellite operators to worry about their equipment becoming obsolete,
> but who speaks for the thousands of frustrated hams and
> might-have-been-hams who have been frozen out of satellite operations
> because they couldn't put up an antenna?

I have to agree with you.  I'm in a similar position, and I look forward to
being able to work P3D from a compact antenna mounted on a tripod, or better
yet, if digital modes hold their promise, while walking down the street,
aiming a small handheld array at the right patch of the sky, like I do with
the FM LEOs :-)

If it takes Mode L/S and digital, so be it.  Better than trying to put in a
mediocre signal from a tripod, or worse, nothing at all. :-)
> Microwave and digital modes will ENABLE the third world hams 
> to get on a
> high altitude satellite for the first time. How many third world
> countries are active on Mode B anyway? I have ZERO tolerance 
> for people
> who cannot see the future because they are worried that their 
> expensive
> Mode B station will be obsolete. Get over it......

Besides, hams have a way of preserving old modes for niche operation, so
Mode B won't become obsolete, more likely a special interest area (until it
becomes uneconomical to build birds for it and the old ones drop off, of
course, but P3D should last at least 10 yesrs, for starters).
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