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Re: P3D information

You know, I am getting sick and tired of the constant whining of all the
hams here who moan they are shut out of satellites because they don't live
where they can put up antennas.  It sounds very similar to the people who
whine because they can't get the government to provide health care or child
care for them. 


I'm not picking on a particular person here (which is why I've quoted no
one's text), but to call me elite because I have the room to put up a mode B
antenna is damn insulting to me!  First of all, it isn't that big of an
antenna.  It's less than half the size of my HF beam.  Yes, I lived in an
apartment once too.  But you know, I worked my ass off, saved money and
bought a home WHERE I MADE SURE I COULD PUT UP ANTENNAS.  Anyone who doesn't
think they can do the same thing is fooling themselves (OK, I speak to
Americans only here as I don't know the state of things like this in other
countries).  I've worked hard and worked my butt off to be able to have what
I have today and for anyone to call me an elitist because of what I have
insults me.

You chose to live where you do and you chose to be stuck with the conditions
you have.  But to call a particular mode of operation "elitist" or
"obsolete" because it doesn't fit your particular lifestyle is grating.

Frankly, I admire the guys like Tony Langdon who, despite his living
circumstances, makes the best of what he can do to work the birds.  This guy
is creative and I've not once heard him complain about not being able to
work a particular mode.  He goes out and figures a way to do it.

So let's drop this whine of "I can't operate this mode because..." bit and
figure out a way to do it if it really is important.

Secondly, let's think out of the box, folks.  P3D is going to be able to
operate multiple modes at once.  There is MORE than enough room for all of
us.  From what I understand, P3D will operate at least 2 and perhaps 3
downlinks if the power budget allows.  I'm guessing, but since receivers use
a lot less power drain than a transmitter, it is possible that more than 3
receivers could be used.

So I could be using mode U/V (B) and you could be using L/S or higher and we
could talk all the same to each other.  Someone said that there was bashing
going on of microwaves.  No such thing from me.  And I haven't heard anyone
bash microwaves.  It's all about what's practical and in your budget and
desire to do.  That's why the hobby is so great.  There is room for

The fact is also that with P3D, hopefully the satellite's performance will
be far greater than something like AO-10s.  Being in satellites for just
about a year now, I have no experience with AO-13.  But AO-10 requires quite
a good station.  I think though that P3D will be much smaller.  One could
probably get by with a 10 element 2 meter beam.  How big is that?  And it'll
be useful for more than just satellites.  Smaller CP beams are made.  I do
not at all believe that you will need 22 elements on 2m and 40 elements on
432 like is sometimes needed on AO-10.  But IMHO, even those antennas are
"small" compared to HF arrays.

Let's end the whining and insisting that the P3D control ops abandon a
particular mode because it doesn't meet "our standards of convenience."  I
am sure the control ops will try to accommodate as many people as possible.

Flame suit and asbestos underwear in place!  Flame away!



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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