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Re: P3D information

there seems to be a lot of good comments on going digital, staying analog, 

why do i like uo-14, so-35 and ao-27? why are they my favorite satellites?

name any other amateur satellite that you can make a contact with 30 people 
in a single 15 minute pass? 

because these satellites are so heavily used, they can basically be treated as 
a contest. you have to be accurate, you have to be fast and you have to be 
courteous. you can jump in at the right moment, make a qso and go on. you 
can do it from your car, your boat, your house, your office. 

i love contesting. maybe that's why it is so easy for me to work these birds. i 
treat them as a contest, each and every time i get on them. if you need a grid 
square, it is much easier to ask 1 of the 100 or so that use the birds to go to 
a grid next to them than it would be to ask someone to work ao-10 from that 
same grid. 

there are certain tools that you need to do a job right. our antennas, radios 
and rotors are no different from a mechanic's tools. each satellite has its 
purpose and has a mission. some of them fit the needs of some and not for 
others but they are all important. 

so...do we need more mode b satellites? maybe.... do we need more mode j 
satellites? maybe.... the more satellites we have up there, the more people 
will try to use them, no matter what mode you choose. personally, after 
operating one of the oldest phone bbs' in houston for some 15 years, i can't 
stand packet and store and forward satellites any more. (you might 
remember a famous person out there that ran a bbs here in houston when he 
was 16...michael dell....he just had a bigger hard drive than me). that doesn't 
mean they aren't good, just means not my cup of tea. either is 6 meters. but i 
like 10 meters. 

i will be trying 2.4g on p3d but not for packet or digital, i would like to try it for 

we have a hobby full of things to do, lots of neat things. you stumble across 
one, try it, like it or leave it. 


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