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Re: P3D information

Someone wrote:

 >I have ZERO tolerance for technology  bigots who desire to deny those
of us who like "old fashioned" modes the opportunity to use those modes.

Someone else wrote:

>This is probably true for Amsat-NA.  But Amsat-thirdworld will get lost
in the process. *I* believe we need to service *all* the world's

I have lived in apartments all of my adult life, with no possibility of
building a Mode B antenna installation. When P3D is operational, I will
FINALLY be able to work a high altitude satellite with a little S-band
helix on a camera tripod on my balcony. I am sure that there are a lot
of others in the same position. It is all well and good for the existing
satellite operators to worry about their equipment becoming obsolete,
but who speaks for the thousands of frustrated hams and
might-have-been-hams who have been frozen out of satellite operations
because they couldn't put up an antenna?

If microwaves and digital modes will open up satellite operation to the
masses, just exactly who is being the snobbish elite now? Mode B is a
dinosaur that should be put to rest. It worked OK for many years, for
those elite few who lived in a home where they could have large antennas
on their rooftop.  P3D supports both modes, and Mode B will probably get
the lion's share of the operating time in the first year. But when all
the new hams see how easy it is to operate on the microwave bands, the
demand for transponder time will increase and eventually the pendulum
will shift to the point that the microwave modes will get most of the
operating time. By the time we are ready to build P3D's successor
satellite, the mode B antennas will be rusting away like the C band TVRO
dishes. At least those can be used to make a bird bath.....

Microwave and digital modes will ENABLE the third world hams to get on a
high altitude satellite for the first time. How many third world
countries are active on Mode B anyway? I have ZERO tolerance for people
who cannot see the future because they are worried that their expensive
Mode B station will be obsolete. Get over it......

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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