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Re: KLM 2M-14C Replacement Parts Needed

At 20:00 2000-10-09 -0700, Walter R. Jones, Jr. wrote:
>Hello All,
>We have a possible SAREX contact with the ISS and need a replace the
>rear reflector to the KLM 2M-14C (element 3/16" O.D. X 40-5/8" Part
>Number R0316).  Does anyone know who now has replacement parts for the
>KLM antennas?
>I would like to know a source for the button insulator (peanuts).
>Thank you for your time and assistance.
>Walter R. Jones, Jr. - KC7HEX
>Advisor to Klamath County Schools ARC - KC7VWW

You should be able to find the aluminum rod at a welding supply or hobby shop.
The lock rings or lock washers and insulators can be found at a good 
industrial supply store.

73, Bill N4XEO

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