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Re: P3D information

I just can't resist answering this one.

>Do you still drive an automobile with the internal combustion engine?  Let's
>see, that was developed in the 1800s.

Nope. My only car is a pure electric (GM EV1). Of course, electric
cars predate gasoline ones. I admit it, though, my fiancee's car *does*
have an internal combustion engine.

>Do you still light your home with incandessant light bulbs?  Let's see, that
>was developed in the early 1900s.

Nope. Except for a couple of occasional-use outdoor floodlights,
nearly all the light bulbs in my house are regular and compact
flourescents. Have been for years.

>Do you still eat with a knife and fork?  Let's see, those came about 100s of
>years ago.

I'll concede on this one, unless I'm eating Chinese food.


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