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TV Documentary

Hi there!

Granada TV and The New York Times have formed a co-venture to make
documentaries for The Learning Channel in the United States.  We are making
a one-hour documentary on the subject of Satellites.

This programme will tell the story of the satellite from the very first
aerial observations made from the Montgolfier's balloon flight of 1783
through to the launch of Sputnik in 1957 right up to the incredible
that can be taken today from space with a 10cm resolution.

There are more than 8000 satellites in space and the use of pictures
generated from them is limitless.  We will be telling the stories of how
these satellites in space can help people here on earth.  From speaking to
firefighters who used satellite imagery to extinguish the wildfires of
to hearing from farmers in California monitor their crops and vineyards
through the use high -resolution imagery.

We are also interested in getting in hearing from people who are building
amateur (not sure this is the correct term exactly) satellites and finding
out whether anyone has ever put a camera into these amateur satellites?

One other aspect that we are interested in is how much of this information
the is available on the internet. For this we are interested in finding a
teenager who is a whiz on a computer who can navigate their way around the
net to see what you can see. Can you see Chers garden,what is the myth and
what is the reality? If you know or are a bright young teenager who is
interested in Satellites and remote sensing we would love to hear from you

Many thanks

Birgitte Johnson


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