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Re: Satellite Newbee thoughts

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Henry Moseley wrote:

> Bob, if you really believe that stuff about:
> "my mission, to find ways to use the satellites for the lonely traveler"
> .....Then why ignore the need to systematically listen on the downlink
> for the plaintiff CQ of the lonely traveller??
> When there is no Igate, his calls drop through the crack. You have been
> very, very quiet about this problem. We've been touting something that flat
> a__ does not work, and cannot work without volunteers systematically
> listening to the downlink. Why ignore this missing link in supporting "the
> lonely traveller....?"

I'm not ignoring it.  I'm trying to drum up support.  99% of HAM radio
operators don't konw about what we are doing..  Of course we need
the monitoring stations.  I just checked http://www.aprs.net and see that 
this morning there are these IGates on line:

  >40 in the USA
  >20 in Europe
    3 in Brazil
    2 in Australia
    1 in Japan

Most of them monitor full time 24/7 on 144.39 or their local APRS freq..
That is why I am making so much noise.  Any one of these with a 9600 baud
TNC, can simply add an FM radio and add the downlink to his IGate.

> We should do this as a public service before they take our frequencies away.

Agreed 100%  Problem is that the APRS community hasn't really played
satellites before and don't realize how trivial it is to do, and many of
the AMSAT guys don't really see the point in APRS...  So we need more
cross pollenation...

de WB4APR< Bob

> There is a mindset here that this is our hobby and public service be damned.
> Jeff and others have proved that we can catch everything on the downlink and
> handle it, but we have all been hesitant to commit ourselves to a schedule.
> I'll commit part of my time, will you??
> Henry

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