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Re: P3D information

Ahh, now there we completely agree.  In the case of Bell Atlantic/Verizon,
it was again, an economic decision based on incremental changes to their
systems.  Dual mode in the low bands whilst they changed their infrastructure
was the only economically feasible approach for them.   After the recent
merger to Verizon,  one can buy a tri-mode phone and coast to coast access,
but notice it is still multiple mode.   These incremental changes,  fitting 
5 lbs
of  scat into a two lb  litterbox,  are at times troublesome but economics is
dictating their decisions.  I will be glad to have coast to coast access on
a single mode phone at 1900 mhz when it becomes available.  Until then,
I have to put up with the horrors of changing from one vocoder to someone
elses vocoder and all of the nasty mixing products that entails.  From 
when my wife and I talk, one Qualcomm phone to another,  it is just dandy
sounding down to signal levels that will not let me even begin a phone call
when I am near an AMP only cell system.

I have to go to work now,  hasta luego.


At 08:49 AM 10/10/2000 Tuesday, you wrote:

>The rest of your post was very good.  I agree with you.
>Yes, the surge is cellular usage certainly can be ascribed to digital and
>the accompanying opening of PCS service.  However, it's not near where
>anyone had hoped.  There are still large chunks of unused 1900 MHz spectrum
>and most carriers that are operating are not operating anywhere near
>capacity (1 or perhaps 2 CDMA carriers at most for CDMA based systems).
>Jon Ogden
>NA9D (ex: KE9NA)
>"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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