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digitial/non-digital debate

I've only been back on the list for a couple of days now, so I don't know
if this has been suggested already, so I'll chance it anyway......
  The debate over whether we should be moving towards a more
dedicated digitial satellite format, or keep the current tack of mostly
analog sats is interesting, and should be brought to the full membership of 
AMSAT. Would the two main protagonists be
willing to write up articles detailing and defending their positions
for publication in the "AMSAT Journal"? I think our editor Russ
Tillman would welcome a set of well-written and thought out
articles on this subject. A few suggestions: if you use a term that
might not be in wide circulation that is specialized to your field, be
willing to take the time to explain it and detail why it is important to
your point. No emotions, logic only. NO name calling or personal
flames also, if that isn't obvious.....
  If you're interested, please let me know, I'll be glad to take the results
in and look them over before passing them along to Russ.

Andy Reynolds

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