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Re: P3D information

Hello Phil!

09 Oct 00 11:49, you wrote to All:

 PK> All these things are very easily done with a digital voice system if
 PK> we want. If we use the Internet Protocol (IP) for all the RUDAK user
 PK> traffic, then we can use IP multicasting to support the group-mode
 PK> services you describe. IP multicasting is especially well suited for
 PK> satellite channels. And because it's IP, it's very easily gatewayed to
 PK> the regular Internet so those without satellite stations of their own
 PK> could still join in.

This is an idea similar to what I wanted to do on terrestrial microwave based
networks.  I had the concept of an IP multicast group being conceptually
equivalent to a (virtual) repeater or a frequency in RF circles.

 PK> My favorite is "vat", which has been around for some time.  It

I know it has its origins in the UNIX world.  Is there a Windows version?  Most
people interfacing computers will be using Windows.  of course, if you're going
to embed it in a system, you  can choose an appropriate OS.

Tony, VK3JED

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