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Re: P3D information

>An interesting aside, in Australia, we are fully digital, as far as mobile
>phones go.  The GSM system had obvious limitations, due to its TDMA design
>and the distances we Aussies want to span with mobile comms.  Limitations
>that don't apply to analog systems.  More recently, CDMA was implemented as
>the successor tom analog, and touted as being equal.  Guess what?  it didn't
>prove to be the case, and people are lamenting the passing of analog.

I'm somewhat aware of the cellular situation in Australia. The problem
has nothing to do with any limitation of CDMA vs analog. It is simply
one of buildout. Because analog was already widely deployed, there
were many more analog base stations than digital base stations. And
they just didn't have enough digital stations in place when analog was
turned off.

After all, if there isn't digital coverage in your area, it just won't
work no matter how much better the mode may be.  I can't speak for
GSM, but if even a substantial fraction of the analog base stations
also provided CDMA service there would be no complaints about the
digital service.

Australia is so vast and so thinly populated that I suspect that many
parts of the outback will never have good terrestrial cellular
coverage. This certainly suggests satellites like Globalstar as an
alternative, and there digital is the only practical approach.


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