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Re: P3D information

>My only beef with the original statement is that to just "drop" mode B would
>be foolish when BOTH can live in harmony.  Additionally, P3D will be capable

Perhaps you simply misinterpreted my original statement. I was
responding to your statement that small antennas just won't work with
P3D. I responded that this was only true for analog modes; if you
dropped your requirement to stay analog, you could make it work with
an efficient digital mode. I wasn't expressing a personal opinion or
value judgement. I was describing a physical reality.

>The difficulty with digital circuits is the knowledge and skills to build a
>digital transceiver are much greater than that needed to build a simple CW
>or SSB or FM transceiver.  To do digital, one must not only have a grasp of
>RF circuits, but digital hardware, DSP programming, etc.  It makes
>homebrewing a much more difficult task for "Joe Ham."

By this reasoning, then, DirecTV should never have succeeded.

Part of AMSAT's transition to digital (which *will* have to happen,
IMHO, if it is to survive) will have to include the design and initial
manufacture of the necessary digital ground station equipment, along
the lines of the TAPR TNC. In the beginning, TAPR designed, produced
and sold their own kits. Eventually commercial manufacturers took over
that role, and now you can buy ready-made TNCs from any number of

And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I am preparing a
proposal to the AMSAT BoD to personally fund the design, prototyping
and initial manufacture of a digital transceiver for the P3D Rudak
high speed link.

It is my hope that P3D will serve as a successful demonstration
platform for a future generation of all-digital amateur radio
satellites designed to serve as many amateurs as possible at the
lowest possible system (satellite + ground station) costs.

I for one see no possible way that AMSAT can ever launch another
"kitchen sink" satellite like P3D. AMSAT's resources are severely
limited, and some hard choices are going to have to be made.


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