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RE: P3D information

> The idea that just because a technology is old it is 
> therefore useless is
> sheer folly.  We use technology to acheive meaningful ends.  
> If a current
> technology acheives those ends, then there is no need for a new one to
> replace it.  Sure, we can improve it, but why must we always 
> develop new
> technology?

Unfortunately, we also share a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce
and increasingy valuable to namy commercial enterprises.  As a result, there
is intense competition from these interests for the RF spectrum, and we are
seeing an increasing trend towards loss of band space.  Occupancy is one
thing, but one of the reasons for the Amateur service being in existance is
that the governments of the time saw the value in setting aside band space
for private individuals to experiment with radio technology in.

Now, if we're not doing some sort of experimentation, development or
testing, and are not fully utilising what we have, how does that look when
there are a dozen large companies who would happily hand over billions for a
band like 70cm?

Sure, the old modes have a place (and I find it fun to dabble in CW or AM at
times), but there are always better mousetraps to build, and lots of people
out there who would like to take over the space we're using...

> I encourage new modes to be used and developed.  I personally 
> try to operate
> every mode that I possibly can use.  I buy the equipment to 
> do it.  I enjoy
> the variety.  Is one mode better than another?  By no means.  
> There is room
> for all of it.  You can be forward thinking and develop new forms of
> modulation and still enjoy a Sunday afternoon ride in the "Model T."

I have no problem with that sentiment, as long as we don't become lazy (is
it too late?) and get stuck in our old ways and stagnate.  Besides, we're
going to need the analog modes as a benchmark to compare any new digital
modes against. :-)
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