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Re: P3D information

I don't recall Mr. Karn or anyone else suggest that analog modes be
completely abandoned, I think I heard that instead of yelling "It's big or
it don't work", take a step back and ask "why not?".. The DirecTV analogy
was perfect, and digital transceivers are no more complicated than SSB
transceivers, in fact, an SSB transceiver is more complicated than a PSK
transceiver. It would not be difficult to for commercial manufacturers to
add a baseband PSK port to their current designs, but it up to us to show
the manufacturers what we want. All the advances we have made in amateur
radio has come on the heals of forward looking work by a few "elitist". The
link budget examples given by Phil illustrate the advantages of using
digital technology to offset a few pounds of aluminum. This is precisely why
transponder performance information is required for P3D. Contrary to popular
belief, this information IS NOT in the ARRL Satellite Anthology. We need to
take a systems level approach to expanding satellite operations. P3D will be
a great tool, let's not waste it's potential by lamenting the status quo. I
would rather see this board used to explore new possibilities...


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