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Re: P3D information

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 07:27:38PM -0500, Jon Ogden wrote:
> Not really.  But due to a lack of sleep and high emotional stress because of
> some personal things going on in life, I have ZERO tolerance for technology
> bigots who desire to deny those of us who like "old fashioned" modes the
> opportunity to use those modes.

Jon, how long do expect to be able to use these old modes for?
We can't afford to be stagnant. That means at some stage, old
fashioned modes have to be retired. We're not ready to retire
them yet -- ground stations aren't ready. But that doesn't mean
we shouldn't desire to move forward and to actually do something
about it.

I don't see how forward thinking makes someone a technology bigot.
Amateur radio is supposed to be about experimentation, not just
ragchewing with your mates.

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