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RE: Possible video over analog sats?

> I think you may run the risk of getting spanked!  :-)

Hehehe. :-)  This is an issue though.  If there's free space at the time, I
don't see any harm done.  Like my suggestion of trying to relay 1200 bps
packets via the SO-35 parrot late in a VK pass, when no one else seems to be
using the bird.   No harm done if no one's around.

> It sounds great, but I think you'll be using FM FSK, right?  
> If so, then
> that wouldn't be too good.  You'd hog bandwidth and power.  
> If it's AM FSK,
> well, the badwidth is more narrow, but you still have a 
> constant carrier....

Ideally, one would use the digital systems in the longer run, but this might
be a simple test bed, before he moves onto real bandwidths and more suitable
gear. :-)

> I suppose you can do anything you want.  Perhaps on some late 
> at night pass
> where there is no one else on (you call CQ for 5 minutes with 
> no response),
> then you could do it.  After all, if there is no one else 
> there who care how
> much BW and transponder power you take.

Indeed!  Or come to VK on a perigee pass, it's likely to be quiet down here
(as it is, you'd probably get away with it on any of the linear birds down
here most passes).
> Just don't do it if there is other traffic there.

Makes sense to me.
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