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> I'm hoping for the day we do Satellite HAM ATV.  It just wont happen
> with 6 MHz wide bandwidth analog.
> At a local ATV demo, a local ham demonstrated 300 KB ATV digital
> video. It was crystal clear and had noticible choppy video 
> (kind of like
> what you see in teleconferencing etc.  But 100% adequate for 
> all of the
> ATV applications I have ever seen...

Well, ATV is a classic case for digital modes.  Frankly, I don't see ATV via
satellite happening any other way.  With digital, the bandwidth is
manageable and the power requirements are much more modest, and will both
continue to improve as better CODECs become available for video use.

> But I AGREE 100%, that all amateur use of digital MUST use 1-to-ALL
> protocols so we can all "read the mail"...

No argument there! :-)  
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