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RE: P3D information

> I have NO opposition to the concept of using the RUDAK 
> experiment to mess
> with digital voice.  That's a GREAT idea for it.

Indeed! :)

> My only beef with the original statement is that to just 
> "drop" mode B would
> be foolish when BOTH can live in harmony.  Additionally, P3D 
> will be capable
> of operating on 2 perhaps 3 downlinks simultaneously from 
> what I understand
> depending on power budgets.  So they guys that want to mess 
> with digital
> modes can do so as well as the analog modes.  VHF/UHF AND 
> Microwave will all
> be available together.  To shoehorn people into one mode or 
> another isn't
> good.

Agreed.  I think P3D could be the ideal transition platform, with its dual
analog and digital capabilities.  I'd imagine there's be a sufficient power
budget for usefum combinations of bands and modes simultaneously.

> The difficulty with digital circuits is the knowledge and 
> skills to build a
> digital transceiver are much greater than that needed to 
> build a simple CW
> or SSB or FM transceiver.  To do digital, one must not only 
> have a grasp of
> RF circuits, but digital hardware, DSP programming, etc.  It makes
> homebrewing a much more difficult task for "Joe Ham."

Depends how you look at it.  Quite frankly, the efficiency of commercial
mass production has limited the utility of home brewing at the hardware
level.  There's no way the average (or even all but the most exceptional)
ham can build something with the features and performance of what's
available off the shelf.  However, there's plenty of scope for home brewing
in a software sense.  Sure, DSP programming is a whole science in itself,
but history has proved that complex software with top class performance can
be developed by the co-operation of many people across the internet (can
anyone say "Linux or GNU? :) ).

> Anyhow, the bottom line is there is ROOM for EVERYONE.  A 
> particular mode or
> lack thereof will not be the death of ham radio.  Last time I 
> looked ham

No argument there!  And we need the analog modes there for a while as a
benchmark to compare the digital modes to.

> radio has plenty of activity on the bands and plenty of 
> interest.  It's a
> far way from dying.

I'd like to think the same down here, but I'm not so sure.  We need a
massive PR effort, while the bands are still available.

Hmm, if you want a piece of Australia, including the RF spectrum, just give
our Government a call and have a fistful of $$$ ready.  They'd probably sell
their wives too, if you asked nicely enough ;).. 

Sorry, just too much depresssing news on the airwaves of late. :-(
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