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Re: Which is it - TIUNGSAT???

No matter which method is used to attempt to match the new hamsat signals 
with their keps, you are assuming that the keps are accurate and 
reliable.  Once common names are assigned to the objects, any exchange of 
names is obvious.  Much more subtle is unannounced exchange within the keps 
data.  This may only be apparent by comparing data and predictions from 
day to day for abrupt changes in orbit in satellites which have no means 
of manuvering themselves.  I had not thought that this practice would be 
done by the "official" sources of orbital data, but have seen evidence 
supporting this suspicion on several occasions in recent years, involving 
new launches of multiple satellites, which are becoming more common.  As 
the new hamsats separate further in orbit, the id task should be easier.

Jim  N1DUY@amsat.org
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