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RE: P3D information

> Not really.  But due to a lack of sleep and high emotional 
> stress because of
> some personal things going on in life, I have ZERO tolerance 
> for technology
> bigots who desire to deny those of us who like "old 
> fashioned" modes the
> opportunity to use those modes.

I think we have to seriously look at digital modes very soon, but analog
will stay for a while, at least.  Provided we can get sufficient activity on
whatever the dominant modes of the future are, to secure sufficient band
space, I feel analog will remain in pockets, just as AM and CW remain today.

> Someone suggested I don't know who KA9Q is.  Sure I do.  He's 
> the father of
> TCP/IP for ham radio and a big packet guru.  But that doesn't make him
> immune to my criticisms of him if he's a technology bigot.  I 
> think digital
> modes including digital voice are fine.  However, there's 
> more than enough
> room for all modes in ham radio.  None of us should have to 

To me, the sooner we go digital, the better, but analog still has mileage
left in it.

An interesting aside, in Australia, we are fully digital, as far as mobile
phones go.  The GSM system had obvious limitations, due to its TDMA design
and the distances we Aussies want to span with mobile comms.  Limitations
that don't apply to analog systems.  More recently, CDMA was implemented as
the successor tom analog, and touted as being equal.  Guess what?  it didn't
prove to be the case, and people are lamenting the passing of analog.

I see an opportunity for hams to work with analog and digital technologies
side by side, and come up with a digital technology that rivals the
performance of analog under a wide range of conditions, and more
improtantly, test it under real world conditions, as the theory and practice
in the commercial world aren't meeting up on the mobile networks, at least
in the Aussie bush... :)

I think there is a lot of investigation possible here, and that means the
coexistance of analog and digital for some time.  We hams have the luxury of
being able to run extended tests like this.
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