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Possible video over analog sats?


I have a question regarding peoples' opinions on whether or not the above
mode would be classed as wholly anti-social, and thus if I should try it.

You may be aware that I've been fiddling about getting low bandwidth video
over IP going with NetMeeting as a start. I'm restricting it to 9600bps FSK.

I have it working fairly reliably terrestrially (albeit rather channel
hogging, not much room for any other traffic) over a full duplex link with
video in both directions, and a little less reliably with video in one
direction over a half duplex channel.

There's a more long term goal to this: although I think 9600bps is the
lowest speed this would be viable at, I'm investigating ways of doing
streaming video over a (possibly) error prone connection. The goal is one
frame per second QCIF size (176x144), using a multicast-style method.

Whatever protocol would be used eventually, one of the streaming technolgies
may be the best idea... where it's not the end of the world if you drop a
frame or five.

I've come to realise one benefit of the old analog technology whilst doing
this: our eyes and brains can pick out pictures when there's no chance a
standard digital decoder would survive. I see this on terrestrial Digital TV
over here in the UK - either you get a picture or you don't. There's no half
way! P5 or Pzero.

As a possible 'first', how acceptable is this to give it a try in the future
over one of the linear transponder sats for a few minutes? One problem I've
found is that NetMeeting needs a very reliable connection to work, so some
more investigation needs doing before I'd want to try this for real.

Anyone any idea what the class of emmision disignator is for digital TV?
I've been using F2F, but that was an educated (or uneducated) guess.

73 Howard G6LVB

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