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On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, Travis J. Maclay wrote:

> ... I must still be missing something.  I was ready to transmit through
> the D-7A at the indicated times estimated for EST.
> My radio was set to digipeat through SUNSAT.  I was monitoring 145.825 with
> another HT hoping to hear, if nothing else, others packets...
> and heard absolutely nothing.  I even left my squelch totally open 

I assume you meant EDT.  ALso, 9600 baud sounds just like open squelch to
the untrained ear.  It is best to set the squelch, then you will hear it
open with a burst of white noise every 10 seconds at least.  Any people
that digipeat will be additional bursts in addition.  But you should have
heard voices on the voice pass... :-(

I hope my times were right..

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