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Re: P3D information

At 12:14 AM 10/8/2000 -0700, you wrote:

>Whatever your goals are, you should be explicit in stating them,
>because there are some very real conflicts among them and ignoring
>that fact won't make them go away.

Hi Phil,

I have one question. In addition to experimenting with equipment, I like 
three things about ham radio on hf or satellite.

The ability to:
   1. easily eavesdrop on other people's conversations.
   2. meet new people with similar interests.
   3. participate in a multi-person roundtable.

When it comes to just a one-on-one conversation with someone I already know 
anywhere in the world, I mostly use the almost-free 'long distance' (the 
next generation will think that is a quaint expression) telephone, or the 
completely free digital voice over the internet.

The question. Will my three desires be met with a satellite-based digital 
voice system? I am not being critical, I just don't understand all the 
things that can be done with a packet-ized system.

thanks, ron w8gus.
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