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Re: SUNSAT thoughts

Hello Johann!

07 Oct 00 14:40, you wrote to All:

 JL> In the past we have extended invitations for regional co-ordination
 JL> of Sunsat voice passes.  Tony Langdon, VK3JED, has compiled schedules
 JL> for Australasia for some time now.  For regions where we have no-one
 JL> (all except Australasia), we simply pick the highest evening pass as
 JL> seen from some central point.  It's a shame that this does not work.
 JL> Any volunteers?

I will mention that coordinating achedules isn't a particularly demanding or
time consuming task.  It takes me only about 15 minutes every fortnight to
setup 2 weeks worth of passes.  Hardly what I'd call a huge demand on my time.

Unlike those fancy schedules I put up on my web site, which take quite a bit of
time every week, but that's optional, and by the looks of it, not really
necessary in most regions (the FM birds are pretty heavily utilised in many

The main thing is you need to be able to do it reliably every fortnight, or in
the event of a planned absence, do 4 weeks in one hit for those occasions.

Also, there is the matter of feedback, you may find that other hams have
various ideas on when the voice passes should be.  This should be taken into
account, within reason.

The results are worth it, and we've been able to better meet some of the demand
out there, particularly VK-ZL traffic, which is popular here. :-)  The most
difficult part is getting the Pacific islands into the loop, as I don't have
regular contact with anyone there. :-(  Also, I've been able to make minor
adjustments to minimise the impact of non ham QRM from specific regions.

And a final comment, all of the Sunsat team are very good to work with, and
willing to experiment with different ideas, which makes the whole exercise a
bit of fun as well. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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