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SUNSAT 1st pass Sat Eve

First mode-B packet Pass Sat Evening, about 1800 EDT east coast.
Following stations captured in my HT screen:

KB2WQM  FIXED, PACGATE Ocean View, FM29OE, 94mi E of me, 50w 9db ant
N2LBT   D700 In Service, FN32BQ, 291mi NE of me, alt 242' CSE 339 SPD=0
WB4APR  TH-D7, Special!,1200bd, Jogger ICON, Stock Whip!
SUNSAT  STATUS OBC1v8: up=17/12:45
N4ZQ    MOVING n4zq@hotmail.com, HOUSE Icon,EL88oa, 837mi SW of me
KB8GVQ  D700 In Service, EN81xi, 336mi NW of me, alt846' CSE 118, SPD=0

Following MSGS captured:

KC2GMM: Working Car fire,Rt287s, Hanover,NJ

Other packets NOT caputed on the HT (It does not recognize the TLE format:

SUNSAT>BEACON T#nnn,121,122,123,144,255,1001010
SUNSAT>BEACON T#n+1,121,124,132,155,244,1101001
etc...  every 10 secs throughout the pass

This time I was using an old THD7 at 1200 baud on the STOCK HT whip in one
hand to validate the 1200 baud uplink, and using a THD7(g) in the other to
make sure I heard everything.  It was using a 19" whip which is probably
not need on the very strong downlink.

With the UPLINK, I got in plenty of times, didnt want to make a nuisance
of myself.  On the downlink, I think I captured almost all packets.

Since I was too stupid to have entered a POSIT into my  UPLINK HT, you
will not see me on the FINDU.COM or www.aprs.net sites.  But you should
find these, IF the SATGATE worked...


Next pass is teh voice pass.  Lets see what that sounds like tonight...

de WB4APR, Bob

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