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RE: qsl return rate

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] qsl return rate
> it appears that the qsl rate among satellite operators 
> recently has gone way down. mahana has worked 126 
> different grids and has sent a sase to each one of them. 
> she has only received back 80 cards. i know they have 
> all gone out because i manage her qsl'ing and do it.
> i don't understand why someone that receives a card with 
> a sase doesn't either put the card back in the envelope 
> and write 'not in the log, sorry' or put a qsl card in it and 
> drop it back in the mail. 
> not having qsl cards is no excuse because you don't need 
> them. you can scribble on a piece of paper the contact 
> information and put that paper in the envelope. you can 
> use a post card, you can even use a business card. just as 
> long as you have all the qso information and you put a 
> signature to it. 


	It is worse than you know.  I have even printed QSL
cards with all the data on it.  All they had to do was sign the
card, stick it in the SASE, and send it off.  Still no cards.
I have only worked one person in CM96, via MIR packet.
After 3 SASEs, I gave him up as a poor amateur.  My QSL
rate is running about 81%.  Guess you can't ask for more
than that.  Your friend is running 64.5%, but it may get 
better if some people are just waiting for a bit of time.
Wish her good luck.

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