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1200baud pacsat uses


I've been thinking and I need some better intelligence.

Some of the PacSats run in 1200baud mode all the time right?


I think one just recently lost its mind and they can't get it restarted
again... LO-19 maybe???

Anyway, if I remember right IO-26 is usable with UI framed APRS packets,
right?  Ok, the problem with most peoples setup is they can't do the FM up /
SSB down but they could use the Internet if there were a couple of gateways.

If this makes sense, I'd be willing to setup some tests on these birds.  I
can act as an IGate and it would allow two stations within the same
footprint to Igate APRS through the birds.

I know, I know, you could do the same thing with the inet.  But the other
option would be digital QSO's with messaging through the sats.  Kind of a
long wire connecting you to a sat station.  If everyone were running UI-View
it would even work better as the message handling in UI-View is better than
the mechanism in DOS APRS, but either would work.

This is just a random thought pattern right now and there might be issues
that I don't understand or know, but I figured I'd see what kind of interest
it had.  Again, just one sat station does no good, it would have to take at
least two and within the same footprint.

Interestingly, it might be a fun use for the older PacSats that are just
orbiting with little or no traffic on them.  SSB down could be a little bit
of a challenge, but I've copied this birds before with little problem.


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