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On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, Travis J. Maclay asked:

> ... my D-7A is not the (g) version, are there certain things I can do?

Yes! Operate normal APRS at 1200 baud on 436.290 uplink.  You WILL get in.
But you wont see anything because the downlink is 9600 baud on 2m.

> One thing I noticed you said was to setup transmit on 436.290 on the B
> side, and receive on 145.825 on the A side.  I understand this, but I do
> not know how to get the radio to transmit on B and receive on A
> simultaneously.

You can't.  That is what the (G) model is for...

> And then also, if I am able to set all of this up correctly, what is
> the process for transmitting?  Am I just turning BCON on?  Or am I going
> to need to send a MSG?...

Send what ever you want.  It is just a digi in the sky that covers the
whole USA for 10 minutes and will be picked up by everyone
including APRServe (if there are some IGates monitoring).  But remember to
share the load.

IE, dont send a packet more often than about once every 10 or 20 seconds
if it gets busy.  If  you are successful, then back off for a minute or
so... but not so many people are trying so experiment...

de WB4APR, Bob

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