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Re: P3D information

Hello Doug!

06 Oct 00 14:44, you wrote to All:

 DT> A pair of extended higher gain arrow-type antennas , a photo tripod,
 DT> small computer, IC706 (and perhaps a second receiver, FT817 or
 DT> PCR-1000 come to mind) are portable in my definition, and would give
 DT> reasonable VU performance.  S and L antennas make things even smaller,
 DT> although require a something more in the receiver line.
 DT> Ideally, for this, someone could a homebrew computer-controlled
 DT> receiver, small and lightweight, but the previously mentioned
 DT> commercial gear would do it, at some penalty in cost and weight.

I'm planning on some sort of tripod in the back yard with antennas and preamps,
which should do the trick. :-)  Should be able to link back into the shack from
there and operate P3D that way.  Only hassle is I won't be able to see NA, only
Europe.  Might have to try some sort of local translator for the USA to remote

Tony, VK3JED

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