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Re: P3D information

Hello Howard!

06 Oct 00 18:10, you wrote to Bob Bruninga:

 HL> My understanding is that when it's _eventually_ in the Molniya type
 HL> orbit, the sat should have a perigee of a 4000km, when it's quite easy
 HL> to hear with a vertical: something I've been able to do on many
 HL> occasions on AO-10.

Yeah, in the Southern Hemisphere, so we'll get it down here at perigee, but not
you guys.

 HL> OK, so it only spends a relatively small amount of time close to
 HL> perigee. However, that should be enough to get some kind of idea what
 HL> kind of radio horizon you have over a month or two.
 HL> Of course any buildings will chew even further into those 33dB losses.

Our problem here will be lowish elevations near apogee, less than 20 degrees
for the higher parts of the orbit, according to the sample Keps.

Tony, VK3JED

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