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Re: P3D information

Hello Jon!

06 Oct 00 14:05, you wrote to Howard Long:

 >> OK, so it only spends a relatively small amount of time close to
 >> perigee. However, that should be enough to get some kind of idea
 >> what kind of radio horizon you have over a month or two.
 JO> The problem is though that from what I have seen of ground tracks of
 JO> the projected orbits that most if not all of the perigee passes will
 JO> be in the southern hemisphere.  So the bird might not even be visible
 JO> to those of us up north during that time.  I seem to recall something
 JO> about the desire for the orbit is to have it at approximately the same
 JO> point overhead every 36 hours or so.
 JO> Most of the time the bird is visible in the North will be at apogee
 JO> passes.

Down here, we'll see a lot of perigee, so will need to plan for both low and
high altitude passes.  :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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