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Re: P3D information

Hello Phil!

06 Oct 00 14:15, you wrote to All:

 PK> We just have to let go of analog modulation and the lower frequency
 PK> bands.
 PK> Just as DirecTV didn't worry about backward compatibility with 3m
 PK> C-band dishes, neither should we worry about backward compatibility
 PK> with existing mode B stations.

I think you and Jon both have valid points.  On one hand, amateurs need to
progress.  However, keep in mind that what interests a lot of amateurs is the
ability to _talk_ to each other.  Data is neat, but not as personal.  However,
whether the voice be carried by analog or digital signals isn't so much of an
issue for the end user experience, as long as we can... TALK! :-)

However, again, we are _amateurs_, with considerable investment in analog gear,
so unlike a commercial operation, we need to keep existing users in mind, while
helping them migrate to the new technologies as time and money permit for each

As for the higher bands issue, we do need to populate these bands desperately!
In Australia, where Government policy is to sell off anything they can
(jncluding spectrum :( ), our microwave bands are on very shaky ground.
However, there is a place for the lower bands, especially for mobile or
portable operation, where it's not practical to aim a dish with the accuracy
that is needed on 10 GHz.

There's room for all up there right now, we need to progress, but there's room
to keep the old and new alongside each other.

Tony, VK3JED

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