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Re: SUNSAT thoughts

Scott-KC5JGV wrote:

> Well, I went outside on the voice pass just now, and it was a MESS! Nothing
> but QRMing in this mode of store and forward. I had no chance of getting
> through with my 5w on the D7A! Even those who did make it on where covered
> up and very little was readable. They should do without this mode and go all
> APRS! Will try on the next pass in a hour or so with packet.

Since the SunSat control operators actually saw fit to turn on an analog mode
that covers the US west coast instead of the usual east coast and middle of the
country only passes, I wanted to see what this parrot mode was like.  My guess
was that it would be bedlam.

After listening to the Thursday evening pass, I would agree completely with what
Scott said.  At least here in the congested USA, this parrot mode is absolutely
useless.  I run an Oscar-10 class station and was heard only about 1/2 second on
one transmission and not at all on the next.  At that point I gave up.  I could
see no point in even listening to the mess.

The one plus I noted was the signal strength was incredible!  All the comments
about strong signals are absolutely true.  On my CP yagis into a Yaesu 736
SunSat was considerable stronger without the preamp than UO-14 is WITH a tower
mounted preamp!

Sunsat works very well, but at least here in the US, the parrot mode should
NEVER be used - it makes the congestion of the FM satellites look like a piece
of cake.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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