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Re: RE: [aprssig] SUNSAT thoughts

this mode is fun to play with. it is always fun to try new and different things. 
why would you think that a 2m repeater in the sky is any different than a 2m 
repeater on earth. if you put a machine up there with 100 people trying to 
access it at one time, this is what you would expect. 

personally, i do not like digital modes and am happy that we at least have 
one voice pass. now, you are getting a bit greedy if you think aprs should 
have the satellite for 100% of its time.


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> Well, I went outside on the voice pass just now, and it was a MESS! Nothing but
> QRMing in this mode of store and forward. I had no chance of getting through
> with my 5w on the D7A! Even those who did make it on where covered up and very
> little was readable. They should do without this mode and go all APRS! Will try
> on the next pass in a hour or so with packet.
> 73,
> Scott
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> Subject: [aprssig] SUNSAT thoughts
> Fri Nite 1st SUNSAT (East coast) PACKET pass:
> I gave it a GOOD honest try.  Copied packets from horizon to horizon on
> my HT whip.  BUT only saw KB2WQM (who runs an OSCAR array) and KB8GVQ
> mobile with a D700.  I was beaconing away with 5w and 9600 throughout*.
> Conclusion:  5w and a whip ain't workin at 9600 (I was acutally on L power
> for the 1st half before I realized I was seeing the VHF "H" and my UHF
> transmit side was actually on "L".
> ALthough I have been using the HT on UO22 and SUNSAT mode J for the last 6
> months and it works fine, remember that THIS EXPERIMENT is using mode B
> which has a TREMENDOUS 2 meter downlink, but pays a 9dB penalty on the UHF
> uplink.   THus, 5 watts (at 9600 baud) just wont do it...
> *** BUT *** remember that 1200 baud has a 7 dB advantage over 9600.  SO,
> on the NEXT packet pass, I will run 5w at 1200 baud on the 436.290 (-/+ 10
> Khz) to see if that 7dB will make the difference... But being on 1200
> baud, I will not be able to see my own successes, so I will try to get
> another rig going or you can tell me if it works..
> Bob, WB4APR
> OOPS, since the next pass is voice, leave your rig on 145.825 9600
> overnight and see if you capture me in the morning (I will be transmitting
> during the early morning packet pass (kids swim meet))
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