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SUNSAT thoughts

Fri Nite 1st SUNSAT (East coast) PACKET pass:

I gave it a GOOD honest try.  Copied packets from horizon to horizon on
my HT whip.  BUT only saw KB2WQM (who runs an OSCAR array) and KB8GVQ
mobile with a D700.  I was beaconing away with 5w and 9600 throughout*.

Conclusion:  5w and a whip ain't workin at 9600 (I was acutally on L power
for the 1st half before I realized I was seeing the VHF "H" and my UHF
transmit side was actually on "L".

ALthough I have been using the HT on UO22 and SUNSAT mode J for the last 6
months and it works fine, remember that THIS EXPERIMENT is using mode B
which has a TREMENDOUS 2 meter downlink, but pays a 9dB penalty on the UHF
uplink.   THus, 5 watts (at 9600 baud) just wont do it...  

*** BUT *** remember that 1200 baud has a 7 dB advantage over 9600.  SO,
on the NEXT packet pass, I will run 5w at 1200 baud on the 436.290 (-/+ 10
Khz) to see if that 7dB will make the difference... But being on 1200
baud, I will not be able to see my own successes, so I will try to get
another rig going or you can tell me if it works..


OOPS, since the next pass is voice, leave your rig on 145.825 9600
overnight and see if you capture me in the morning (I will be transmitting
during the early morning packet pass (kids swim meet))

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