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Re: P3D information

>Yip, you're absolutely right, certainly at apogee! No way you're going to
>hear the sat without a nice big yagi!

Depends on the band and the mode. My 70cm RUDAK link budget says that
with FEC coding and the high gain antennas, it should be solid copy
from apogee into a simple patch antenna lying on the ground. That's
for a user data rate of about 67kb/s.

You could do even better a lower data rates, e.g., through the

It just isn't that hard to hear satellites at geostationary distances
or even beyond with small antennas. Consider DirecTV: nearly a
gigabit/sec into an 18" dish.

We just have to let go of analog modulation and the lower frequency

Just as DirecTV didn't worry about backward compatibility with 3m
C-band dishes, neither should we worry about backward compatibility
with existing mode B stations.


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