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Re: RE: Which is it - TIUNGSAT???

> OK, John, let's explain the method with more details.
> Let's admit that it is not possible to know the real value 
> of the sat transmitter frequency (crystals aging, receiver
> calibration inaccuracy, etc), but let's assume that the
> short term drift of the transmitter freq is neglectible.
> In this case, you can determine the "zero Doppler shift" time 
> by plotting the frequency vs time curve, and determine the 
> (Fmax+Fmin)/2 frequency which corresponds to the CPA.

Maybe.  But that assumes one's horizon is not obscured (and
the satellite is not operating on a power management scheme
which produces shut off rather than true LOS, such as AO-27)).
Nonetheless, you're right that you can find MEL if you have 
enough frequency data to produce a detailed enough curve, 
as  the fastest change in doppler should occur at maximum 
                              -- KD6PAG
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